Unwed mothers need medical help

Abandoned by their families, single mothers in Uganda have no means of obtaining OB-GYN, delivery, or post-natal care. In a country where their social norms mean that an unwed mother is shamed and ostracized by their family, medical help is impossible to get, unless someone intervenes.

Delivery rooms, nurses and midwives rooms, and bedrooms for the women and their children, are all to be part of the clinic—with your help.

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Education to help them be self-reliant

Young and alone, these mothers lack a support system to gain an education, learn parenting skills, or support themselves.

The education center will provide classrooms, and workshops. It will help develop skills to succeed in life—and ideally reunite these young mothers with their family.

The center will be able to shelter up to 32 young mothers at a time, until they can get up and out on their own. With your help.

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Baby Mary Agnes needs you

Even now, before the center has more than a foundation and brick walls, young mothers are coming to sisters at the convent for help, because they are being rejected by their families.

The baby above is Mary Agnes, born in early 2018. Her unmarried mother was rejected by her family when she became pregnant. When the sisters got her mother maternity care, doctors found the mother was HIV positive. By obtaining medical help, Mary Agnes was delivered HIV-free. The Sisters have been taking care of them both in the convent.

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Since 1993

Our next step: A first roof

Sister Namazzi and her fellow nuns are helping mothers as much as they can from their convent. But the resources are inadequate. New mothers seek them out all the time. And there's so much they can't do for them.

We have a piece of land.

With the architectural plan donated by Students and Professors of Seattle University, we have a design for the buildings.

Through generous donations, we bought supplies and started construction. Now it's time to roof the first building.

Review the building plans. Join the effort. We need: construction materials, labor and resources to buy equipment, furnishings and supplies for the mothers.

How you can help:

  • Volunteer
  • Donate
  • Make a monthly contribution.

We're a 501(c)3 charitable organization. Your donations are tax deductible in the USA.

8-Sisters visited when walls had reached window level

How to help ...

Without you, the cycle of suffering will continue. We need donations to get the center's clinic, school and convent for administration built. Click the button to contribute to our project, through our secure GoFundMe.Com page.