Step 1: Floor plans

We were given architectural plans. With them we are ready for construction, when the land is secured.

Download a pdf of the floor plans

Step 2: Land and title

Land has been deeded to the Center. Land for the center was our second phase goal. Now we're ready for buildings.

Download a pdf of the title certicate

Step 3: Construction

We've started construction, but do not have enough funding to put on the roofs. Please help.

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The big number

Getting funding for a project like this, even one that's relatively small in the great scheme of things, is difficult. The estimates we've been given to complete full construction come to $1.2 million.

While there's a chance that we will find some angel donors who can push us far along our fundraising path, it's more likely that we'll need thousands of small donations.

Can you help? As little as ten, twenty or $30 a month for a year can be a great aid. But any amount would be enormously appreciated.

We've raised enough to break ground and lay a foundation. We need to raise enough money for our next steps.

The far side of the world

Uganda's unwed mothers are in an intractable state. With your help, they can have a chance. But this isn't an orphanage. No one is staying permanently.

And with hope, love, and charity, we may yet find that some of these families can be reunited.

Construction materials assembled on site

Buying first supplies

Truckloads delivered sand, aggregate, cement, baked bricks, rebar and other raw materials.

In Uganda, construction is not highly mechanized, and the location is not in the midst of a town. When the water truck was unable to deliver water all the way to the site, we improvised a tapping process to bring the water closer.


Trenching for the foundations dug by pick and shovel. The Sisters came by during the work to understand and oversee the process.

Man making foundation excavation while Sister looks on
Brick work on walls starting

Foundations laid, wall being raised

With the foundation bricks cemented in place, and the floor backfilled, then the walls, inside and out, are raised row by row.

The masons mix cement by hand and we broke wheel barrows carting materials across the project.

The work halts

Once the walls reached window height, construction stopped, waiting for additional funding from donors.

To cap the windows with lintels, and provide a sturdy attachment to the roof, strong enough to handle the storms and tremors of the the area, the baseplate above the windows must be reinforced. Then the roof can be added.

At this time, we're hoping for donations to cover the baseplate. Then we'll have to do a major fundraising effort to get the materials and labor for the roof itself.

8-Sisters visited when walls had reached window level

Next Steps...

Contribute to the construction. It's the most important thing you can do right now. And it will help change lives, immediately, because the sisters are working with these mothers as an ongoing need.