Our Approach

Our Vision

In Sister Elizabeth Namazzi's homeland, Uganda, young women who become pregnant outside of wedlock are ostracized by their families and communities. The women have nowhere to go, no one to take care of them and no way of improving their prospects.

When the center is completed, it will provide shelter for these mothers and their children who have nowhere to live. It will provide education for parenting, child nutrition, but above all, skills to these girls for self-reliance.

Our dream includes creating a complex of three buildings--a clinic, a convent and an educational center. These would be a place for women to find shelter, medical care, education and counseling.

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How the architectural plan came to be—and what the floorplan looks like...

Our Story

A beginning

We turned to students at Seattle University, Andrew McAferty, Steven Millett and Trevor Coffman--and their professor, Nirmala ("Nimmy") Gnanapragasam, in the civil and and environmental engineering department.

The trio of students worked for a year, supported by local professionals, and drew up a 99-page design for the center, using locally available materials and taking account of the structural demands required in a region that is stressed by high winds and earthquakes.

The Project in the News

Making a change in the world attracts attention. We're grateful for media coverage. Do you represent a publisher? Contact us.

Seattle University

Article in the University's magazine about the founding of the project.

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Coughlin Porter Lundeen

Coughlin Porter Lundeen's biennial magazine. Feature article about the design project, and how they helped.

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Our Board

The volunteers who make up our Board are working to bring the dream to life: To empower lives, protect children and their mothers, and to rebuild families.

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Sr. Elizabeth Namazzi

The visionary and first helper

Sister Namazzi is originally from Uganda, and has a PhD from the University of British Columbia.


Andrew McAferty

Field Engineer

Andrew is one of the original group of students who drew the architectural plans. He graduated in engineering from Seattle University in 2016.


Jim Dooley

Electrical Engineer

Jim was befriended by Sister Elizabeth in 2014. He has been instrumental in making connections between volunteers to move the project forward.

Mark Rose, Member of Board of Directors

Mark Rose

Entrepreneur and Creative Services Expert

Mark's expertise in strategic ideation, prototyping, usability, and intellectual property has led him to be inspired by the important mission of the Mothers Self-Realization Center.