Ground Breaking!

Sister and the work crew review the plans after the grounds have been cleared, and before shovels start trenching the foundations.

Recently, we received a large number of photographs showing the exciting construction events that have taken place. Having reached an initial fund-raising target, the Early Mothers Self-Realization Center broke ground on the Clinic building, which is the centerpiece of the larger plan.

The Sisters enjoying the very “concrete” progress that the materials deliveries represent. It’s exciting to see a dream begin to take shape.

Artisans at work

Bringing in materials, we also relied on a watertruck delivery, if only to mix the cement. At one point, the water was delayed, and the workers improvised a tapping and relay to bring the water to the site.

Towards the end of construction, the laborers were working to repair one of the three wheel barrows we had on hand for the project.
The maze of trenches representing the foundations for exterior and interior walls of the clinic help to visualize the size of the project, and the sheer sweat and effort required to bring it about.

Making rooms

The walls go up, course by course. After the walls are above a certain reach, the scaffolds get raised — comprised of a couple poles tied together to walk on.

What must happen next

With the walls at window height, work had to stop. We are hoping to raise funds quickly for the roof’s baseplate, essential to stabilizing the walls and windows.

Read board member Mark Rose’s letter to supporters about next steps, and see the additional photos: Download the PDF